Development Manager

Real Estate With A Human Insight

At the The Wire Group we offer professional real estate development services with a focus on developing world class real estate projects with a people-centric approach. We search for insights that keep the ever-changing needs, desires and aspirations of people in mind, creating spaces that truly make for inspired living. The Wire Group integrates expertise, quality and purpose that set standards, are landmarks and provide increased value. Our aim is to bring fresh ideas, new perspectives and its global expertise to the forefront keeping our commitment to strong ethics at the core of every development.

The Fifth Wall

Beyond four walls. Envisioning the next dimension in creating spaces. This is the fifth wall and the foundation that forms the basis of everything we build. This core instinct helps us reach out to express, surprise and influence new angles of vision for inspired living.

For those looking to live beyond their four walls dream, we offer them our insights from the Fifth Wall. We understand that within every brick and mortar layer there has to be an element of nature. It guides us to walk that extra mile and explore beyond accepted wisdom to reveal new perspectives all collaborating into shaping the next dimension

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