Why to choose Whitefield when you are looking for villas for sale in Bangalore?

March 16, 2018

villas for sale in Whitefield

A city like Bangalore is a dream come true for our generation of professional millennials. Other than the technological and innovative prowess of the city or the galore of career opportunities, Bangaloreans also enjoy a temperate and pleasant climate all-year round, which is highly envied by the residents of other metropolitans like Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai.

Therefore, it is not surprising to see numerous young professionals, especially in the IT industry, making a beeline for this city. Over the last couple of decades, Bangalore has completed its transformation from a quiet retirement town to one of the leading cosmopolitan hubs of the country. The rise in population in the city has also increased the demand for villas for sale in prominent parts of the city like Whitefield. Don’t believe us? Keep reading to find more about what makes Whitefield tick with the young homebuyer crowd.

Whitefield – A Township away from the noise

The magic of Whitefield lies in its paradoxical nature. This neighbourhood is quite away from the unwanted noise and crowd of Bangalore. However, for those who like to feel the pulse of the city, Whitefield doesn’t disappoint. It is a self-contained and self-sustained neighbourhood, with all the necessary amenities and luxuries that are needed for our modern, cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Whitefield –Opportunities Galore

Whitefield is perhaps one of the very few communities in Bangalore which supports both professional hubs as well as residential areas. Those who employed in the many offices and IT parks at Whitefield don’t have to travel half the city in search of residential options. The many suburban communities and villas in Bangalore, especially in Whitefield take care of their residential needs.

Whitefield –The Cosmopolitan Hub

Whitefield is known across Bangalore for being one of the most exciting neighbourhoods to live in, especially for younger people. The number of malls, restaurants, clubs and theatres add a fun and youthful vibe to this community. Residents of villas in Whitefield rarely have to venture out of the locality to entertain themselves.

Whitefield – A Visual Paradise

If you want to witness the lush greenery that Bangalore is famous for, then just drop by Whitefield. This place is the perfect example of a neighbourhood that hasn’t compromisedon its environmental wealth in order to make space for the technological advancements. The IT hubs and the office spaces have not taken over the natural green cover of this area. In fact, both these elements are interwoven into the design core of Whitefield in a complementary manner.

Living in a villa in Whitefield would mean waking up regularly to the chirping of the birds amidst natural greenery and breathing in the fresh morning air. Who wouldn’t want that?

Whitefield – An ROI dream

Whitefield boasts of an enviably rising real estate market. All the factors mentioned above have contributed in making Whitefield a real estate oasis in Bangalore. The villas for sale in Whitefield are naturally of superior quality in order to cater to the elite crowd who prefer buying houses in this exclusive neighbourhood. Solely from an investment point of view, villas in Whitefield are a growing market, especially with newer tech parks and offices setting up shop in and around this area.

We have tried to highlight here just a few of the many reasons why you should invest in villas for sale in Whitefield. Not only does this neighbourhood boast of prime real estate, it also has the trendiest and most vibrant crowd in all of Bangalore. Investing in a villa in Whitefield would ensure your status as a part of that progressive and fast-paced community.

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