Why are Raffles Park Luxury Villas in Bangalore the perfect blend between design and functionality?

March 8, 2018

luxury villas in Bangalore

True luxury is expressed through the perfect amalgamation of design and functionality. Both the aspects complement each other. Although they can create impressive impacts on their own, when combined they can give birth to something unique. The design crafted out of functionality and aesthetics is ultimately the definition of true luxury.

At Raffles Park luxury villas in Bangalore, we believe in the perfect marriage of the two. Everything is designed combining both the aesthetic sense with ultimate functionality. That’s why we recommend Raffles Park to anybody who is looking for villas in Bangalore for sale.

Raffles Park luxury villas are the epitome of exclusive living in Bangalore. Let us explain what makes these unique villas at Bangalore such a lucrative sale, from a design point of view.

Luxury Amenities – Where style meets utilities

At Raffles Park, we believe that luxury is just another interpretation of true quality. That is why we believe in using only high quality materials and amenities to breathe life into these magnificent villas at Bangalore. We rely solely on premier branded products to equip the gourmet kitchens and luxurious bathrooms to elevate the value of these villas during sale. Not only are these specifications of the highest quality, but their high exclusivity also lends them an uber-polished appeal.

Luxurious details to enhance your comfort

These masterpiece homes have been designed by the best architects who have created Singapore’s iconic retail and residential structures, with their signature precision and attention to detail. That is the reason why details like proper space management and optimum design functionality have been taken care of from start to finish. The open-floor plan that is supported by the 35 feet column-free, uninterrupted view is a major selling point for these ready to move-in villas in Whitefield.

A garden home in the Garden City

Raffles Park luxury villas can directly appeal to all nature-lovers. These homes are surrounded by greenery and located at one of Bangalore’s most verdant neighbourhoods – Whitefield. The exceptional design of these villas in Whitefield has successfully created an organic synergy between the flora and fauna of the outdoor environment and the indoor atmosphere. The ingenuous design method of incorporating all the natural elements of earth, water, air and light into the living spaces transports you to a magical wonderland.

Sustainable living, exclusive lifestyle

These luxury villas are also quite revolutionary in their sustainable and environment-friendly design in Bangalore. A low villa-density of only 4 villas per acre has allowed for this property to have 19% of villa footprint and 81% dedicated for open spaces.

The ultimate sign of luxury comes from the perfect marriage of modern aesthetics with high utilitarian values. The residents of this unique villa project in Bangalore can experience this elevated level of comfort and luxury, thanks to the meticulous attention to detail in every single design element. At Raffles Park, beauty in design truly results from their purity of function.

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