What local amenities do you get to enjoy if you live in a villa in Whitefield

May 7, 2018

villa in Whitefield

The highly coveted residential locality of Whitefield has always had an interesting story to tell. It started off in the 19th century as 4000 acres of settlement land for the European and Anglo-Indian Association community members. This quiet and peaceful settlement community then underwent a complete transformation with the advent of IT/ITeS industries in the early 90s in the form of the International Tech Park Limited or ITPL. Needless to say, Whitefield became the first ever cosmopolitan hub to house all the big names in IT as well as the vast wave of young professionals who flocked to this area in pursuit of their careers.

Consequently, Whitefield’s real estate started its climb from the mid-90s and has continued on that path till now, without showing any signs of slowing down. The younger residents who shifted here and bought luxury villas and apartments, thanks to their penchant for higher standard of living and high disposable incomes, today enjoy a substantial appreciation from these real estate investments. Past or in the present, investing in a villa in Whitefield is always a good bet. Its expanses of lush greenery, juxtaposed against a highly cosmopolitan culture gives us the best of both worlds. Let’s take a look at all that Whitefield has to offer to its residents.

A plethora of shopping options

Shopping is one of the favourite pastimes for the people of Whitefield and it’s no surprise that this place has seen an uprising of malls such as Forum Neighbourhood Mall, Phoenix Marketcity, Park Square Mall, VR Bengaluru and Inorbit Mall that house some of the biggest brand names, both Indian and international. If you live in Whitefield, you can definitely dream of those indulgent Sundays spent casually strolling through these malls and shopping to your heart’s content.

A hub of cultural activity

If you are looking for independent villas for sale in Bangalore and also enjoy cultural activities and events, then Whitefield is the best bet. In fact, you’re bound to find the company of like-minded neighbours who enjoy the cultural scene as well. Thanks to the Jagriti theatre, many theatre aficionados flock to this part of the city. The cultural organization Natya also organizes exclusive, invite-only classical dance and music performances on a monthly basis and are a true blessing to the culture-loving inhabitants of Whitefield. For residents with a more contemporary taste, there are venues like CounterCulture, which is a hub of music, comedy and improvisational theatre and MLR Convention Centre that host live performances.

A paradise for food and drink lovers

Thanks to the immense number of expats who call it their home, Whitefield has countless restaurants and pubs, serving up delectable medleys of food and drinks. Add some flavour to those lazy Sundays by heading over to 153 Biere Street. This European themed retail hub has a paved pathway and canopied stores, and houses three different eateries – The Biere Club (a microbrewery), Mustard and Cress (casual dining) and Everything Stops for T (a dessert parlour). The other pubs and restaurants favoured by Whitefieldians are Bieregarten, Windmills Craftworks (for their craft beers as well as live music), Marigold Restaurant and Pub and many others.

The everyday necessities

Whitefield isn’t just a hub for shopping and entertainment. It takes care of the basic needs of its residents with all kinds of local amenities. Supermarket chains of the calibre of More Supermarket, Foodworld, Reliance Fresh are a common sight in this area. Local grocery and general stores are also there aplenty.

For families with young children, Ekya School, Whitefield Global School, Global Indian International School, Deens Academy, Maple Bear Canadian School, Vibgyor High School, Vydehi School of Excellence, The Foundation School are all excellent educational institutes that provide all the necessary tools for their students’ growth and development.

Healthcare is another amenity that we can’t ignore in a residential neighbourhood. Reputed hospitals and clinics are a crucial part of any locality and Whitefield delivers marvellously on that front. Manipal Hospital, Columbia Asia Hospital, Narayana Multispecialty Hospital – these are all the major centres that take care of the healthcare needs and medical emergencies of Whitefield residents.

Living in an independent villa in Bangalore is in itself quite invigorating. Now if that villa is in a neighbourhood like Whitefield, not only will you be well-connected to your workplace in the ITPL, but you will also enjoy abundant benefits of local amenities, starting from dining out options, shopping opportunities, your choice of cultural activities along with the basic necessities like local stores, schools, and hospitals.

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