What are the different design aesthetics that you can adopt in your luxury villa in Bangalore?

July 27, 2018

luxury villas in Bangalore

The surging rise in the demand for luxury villas in Bangalore indicates that today’s homebuyers are not looking for a compromise. They have a very clear vision of what their dream home looks like and they are willing to go the extra mile to make it happen.
However, creating a dream home in the city doesn’t stop at buying a luxury villa. You cannot call a house your home unless you have added your unique personal touches to it. After you have selected and purchased the perfect house in terms of space, location and budget preferences, you need to start adding character to it.
How do you go about doing that? By randomly choosing furniture and décor for your house, you will miss out on a common aesthetic thread that ties it all together. You could take the help of an interior decorator on this front. Or, you could read ahead to discover the different design aesthetics and identify the décor style that can turn your luxury villa in Bangalore into your dream home.

1. A Boho-Chic Aesthetic – for the Bohemian Dreamer

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The word Bohemian is derived from the French word for gypsy. The Bohemian aesthetic stays true to these origins and symbolizes a free-spirited and unrestrained appeal, when it comes to the use of colour and texture, sometimes even bordering on eclectic. Quirky decor items like dreamcatchers, windchimes and funky artwork along with Loud prints, vibrant colours and a blend of interesting textures come together to add their own whimsical charm.

2. An Industrial Aesthetic – for the Edgy Personality

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An edgy, industrial style décor is seen mostly in loft-style or studio apartments. Exposed brick walls, lots of metallic details and mostly earthy shades can set the industrial tone for your home. Distressed wooden elements paired with the ample usage of exposed steel is a notable formula to achieve the industrial aesthetic. The use of low-hanging tesla bulbs and exposed wire lights in several focal points of the room can create an interesting play of shade and light in your home.

3. A Mid-Century Modern Aesthetic – for the Urban Homeowner

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The most identifiable quality of a mid-century modern home is the perfect blend of versatility and minimalism. Bold patterns and pops of vibrant colours also contribute to the clean, yet youthful vibe of this aesthetic. Furniture pieces with geometric shapes and tapered legs create a cosy yet trendy vibe that is essential to this style of home décor.

4. A Classic Vintage Aesthetic – for the Traditional Desi at heart

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Creating a traditional Indian décor aesthetic in your home can be accomplished by keeping a few details in mind. This kind of vintage Desi décor consistently celebrates the use of a warm and vibrant colour palette, accentuated by traditional décor accessories. The use of traditional local wooden artefacts as wall décor pieces also adds another dimension of charm to your home. Playing with different indigenous fabrics and textures like silk or jute, along with local potted plants, also brings a more regional touch to your home décor.

5. A Stark Minimalist Aesthetic – for the Simple yet Modern Taste

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The minimalist style of home décor strictly revolves around the importance of functionality. The use of glass partitions and shades of white and grey tones creates an illusion of a larger, more open space inside the house. Clean lines and use of minimal décor accentuates the starkness of the space and adds an ultra-modern vibe to your home.

Understanding and identifying the theme that creates a cohesive platform for your dream home is the first step. Once you have zeroed in on a particular aesthetic, you can then go ahead with looking for the perfect pieces to add charm to your home. Raffles Park luxury villas in Whitefield provide the perfect backdrop for you to customize as you please and establish your personality through your dream home.

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