Welcome Bangalore’s green, open spaces at these Gated Community Villas in Whitefield

August 22, 2018

Life in a metropolitan city can definitely get a little drab. The constant honking of the cars stuck in traffic, the exhaustingly long daily commutes, and other challenges of urban living can accumulate and make life quite stressful. Bengalurians, especially, feel the stress of the urban life. The rapid industrialization around the city has left only a few green pockets in the city. Whitefield is one of them.

1. Comfortable living in Bangalore

What does comfort mean to you?


Is it lying on a big, cosy bed, while the birds chirp right outside your window? Or is it sipping on a cup of hot tea, while you marvel at the green open vistas from your expansive terrace deck? Living in a gated community villa in Whitefield caters to all your dreams of a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle.
At Raffles Park luxury villas, we present you with luxury in the lap of nature. The decadent master bedrooms have floor-to-ceiling surround windows that let in ample natural light and a majestic view as you lie in your cosy king-size bed. Step out into the huge deck with your favourite hot beverage and feast your eyes over the panoramic green view.

2. Whitefield – Bangalore’s green belt

Before urbanization, Bangalore used to be this sleepy, retirement town, where nature blossomed everywhere and the weather was pleasant all year round. Thankfully, Whitefield is still one of those few neighbourhoods which still retains the old-school charm without having sacrificed its growth and development.
Because of this unique blend of scenic, green vistas and commercial and industrial hubs, Whitefield has become one of the most aspirational markets in Bangalore for real estate investment. Buying a home in this much sought-after neighbourhood in the city would assert your dominance in the big leagues.

3. Greenery and Gated Community Villas

Over the past decade, there has been a decided trend in the real estate market. More and more homebuyers are choosing to live surrounded with greenery. And that is one aspect where gated community villas in the city overtake luxury apartments in Bangalore. When it comes to being surrounded by the pops of nature, gated villas in Whitefield definitely have an advantage. Unlike apartment buildings, the design of these homes are such that there is much more space for private gardens and lawns as well as communal society parks for residents of all ages.
So whether you want to create a zen rooftop garden or a beautiful entryway to your home, bedecked with flowers and greenery, a gated villa in Whitefield like Raffles Park is the easy choice.

4. Embrace the greenery at Raffles Park

At Raffles Park luxury villas, we promise you an experience like no other. Wake up in the morning to the pleasant melody of the birds right outside your window. Enjoy that first cup of tea, while deeply inhaling that crisp, fresh air. Step out of your luxurious villa into the lap of nature. Embrace the greenery at Raffles Park and start your day with style.

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