Upcoming Infrastructural Projects that can Increase the Value of Luxury Villas in Whitefield

September 5, 2018

It is not a secret that Bangalore is a treasure trove of profitable real estate investments. This once-sleepy little retirement town has now blown up to become a full-fledged metropolitan giant, with hubs of real estate gems tucked away in the­ least expected places. Whitefield is one such real estate goldmine which is bound to have high ROI over the coming years, thanks to the tech hub of ITPL and continuous infrastructure projects that have been sanctioned in and around this region. Let’s take a quick look at some of the factors that make Whitefield a dream destination for real estate investments.

1. Whitefield – The Early Years

The growth and development in Whitefield has been quite dramatic over the last couple of decades. Till the early 90s, it was a sleepy little retirement community, where leisure defined the way of life. The shape of real estate was also quite different. The only people who chose to migrate to this part of Bangalore were the ones who craved for a relaxed lifestyle in the Garden City of India. It was extremely rare to see luxury villas in Whitefield. Instead, cosy homes dominated the real estate turf of this locality.

2. Growth of Infrastructure in Whitefield

The development of the ITPL and ITPB tech parks in Whitefield in the early 90s heralded a new era for this remote settlement in east Bangalore. Overnight, Bangalore became the tech capital of the country, and Whitefield was its heart. With rapidly growing job opportunities in information technology and other supportive domains, there was an influx of bright young professionals from all across the country. As the population numbers rose, so did the need for real estate in this corridor. Both renting and buying properties saw a sharp upward graph.

3. Upcoming Infrastructure Projects in Whitefield

If you are considering an investment in luxury villas in East Bangalore, the first neighbourhood you should consider is Whitefield. As discussed previously, this part of the city has grown by leaps and bounds in all aspects of urban development. Not only is it the hub of Bangalore’s IT culture, but its unique cosmopolitan aura draws in homebuyers from across the city as well as the country. Because of that, you can find some of Bangalore’s best villas for sale in Whitefield.

Now let’s talk about the bright future prospects that Whitefield has in terms of infrastructural developments and in turn their effects on the real estate market here. The main upcoming infrastructure projects that are slated to happen in Whitefield are – (a) the extension of the Metro Line, (b) the proposed Peripheral Ring Road, and (c) the widening of the Kundanahalli Main Road.

4. The Extension of the Metro Line to Whitefield

The soon upcoming Bayappanahalli to Hoodi Circle metro line extension will be a blessing for anyone who has to commute regularly via this route. Naturally such a prominent infrastructural development is going to lead to an appreciation of ROI in Whitefield.

5. The Proposed Peripheral Ring Road

The Peripheral Ring Road project will be integrating both state and national highways in and around Bangalore to improve transportation and commute among the various corners of the city. Under this project, the networks of the Old Madras Road, Bellary Road, Tumkur Road and Hosur Road will be tied together to give a boost to the connectivity of all the areas that are accessible by these roads. This project will further increase Whitefield’s connectivity with Indiranagar, Koramangala and Electronic City.

6. Increase in demand of Villas in Whitefield

Initially the demand was for 1 or 2 BHK apartments because of a predominant number of young bachelors who needed a roof over their head. With time, young families also started looking at properties at this area for their real estate investment. That is when the demand for premium luxury villas in Whitefield started to rise.
In such a positive real estate climate that is prevalent in the Whitefield corridor, thanks to its infrastructural growth, it is natural to assume that your investment in any of the best villas for sale in Whitefield will be a profitable venture.

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