Top 5 Benefits of buying Villas in Whitefield

February 17, 2018

Villas in Whitefield

Bangalore is a home away from home for so many people who come to the city for various reasons, with employment, education or retirement purposestopping the list. This city has a tendency to welcome new residents with open arms and pamper the ones who are already lucky to call it home. There are so many reasons for the enduring aura of the city, but the biggest appeal probably would be the quality of its neighbourhood. While some neighbourhood are happening, others are more laidback and reminiscent of a peaceful small town life. However, there is also another part of the city that offers the best of both worlds. It offers a cosmopolitan environment yet, without losing the charm of an old village. You can get the most needed privacy, yet be near to all the action. This neighbourhood is called Whitefield.

What used to be a quaint little locality tucked away in the eastern part of the city, is now one of the most sought after neighbourhoods to live in Bangalore. There are many benefits of investing in Villas in Whitefield. Let’s look at the top five ones.

1. Live amidst lush greenery

With a pleasant climate dominating year around, Whitefield is nature’s gift to Bangaloreans. Pops of green accentuate this beautiful neighbourhood, where pollution is low and the atmosphere is breezy. Imagine waking up every day in your luxury villa in Whitefield, to the sound of birds chirping and walking over to your window to feast your eyes upon the lush greenery that surrounds you. That is the life that awaits you in the Raffles Park luxury villas in Whitefield.

2. Whitefield – A Cosmopolitan hub

How do you like to spend your weekends? Do you like to venture out with your friends to catch the latest blockbusters on the big screen? Or do you prefer trying out new cuisines at the latest trending restaurants and pubs? Or is it a spot of shopping that your heart craves after a hectic week of work? Whatever it is, Whitefield has got you covered. With malls like Inorbit Mall, Phoenix MarketCity, upscale eating and drinking hubs like the Bierre Street, and a community of party lovers, Whitefield is the right place to be at for those who believe in the mottowork hard, party harder.

3. Enjoy great connectivity

If there is one complain that Bangaloreans have, it’s the traffic. Commuting to and fro from work every day is a major challenge for most of the residents of this city. However, the residents of Whitefield enjoy the advantage of living close to their workplace. Tech giants like Infosys, Accenture, TCS, IBM, Oracle and many others have set up their offices in the tech parks of Whitefield. The easy connectivity, thanks to a network of public and private transportation channels, to these offices as well as to the key areas of Bangalore have also given Whitefield a tremendous boost in real estate value. The upcoming metro line that will connect Whitefield to Byappannahalli also promises to improve connectivity in this high in demand neighbourhood.

4. Get easy access to local amenities

Whitefield is an extremely self-sufficient neighbourhood that provides its residents with all the amenities that they need in their daily lives. Hospitals, schools, colleges, etc, are just a stone’s throw away in this well-laid neighbourhood. Living in a villa anywhere in Whitefield will immediately grant you easy access to major institutes of healthcare and education like Sri Sathya Sai Hospital, Vydehi School of Excellence, Glentree academy and many others.

5. High ROI for real estate

The above factors have together contributed in increasing the real estate value of this neighbourhood. The upcoming projects like Phase 2 of the Namma Metro will maintain the real estate growth curve of this locality, bringing in high demands for properties in Whitefield along with a high ROI. In such a promising real estate climate, investing in Villas in Whitefield Bangalore is actually a lucrative opportunity as well.

These above factors just reaffirm the notion that Whitefield is one of the biggest real estate hubs in this city. Whether you are looking to settle down, or to invest in a property, the benefits of Whitefield real estate is hard to ignore. Take our advice today and get the most value for your money by investing in the best residential neighbourhood in the city.

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