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What local amenities do you get to enjoy if you live in a villa in Whitefield

The highly coveted residential locality of Whitefield has always had an interesting story to tell. It started off in the 19th century as 4000 acres of settlement land for the European and Anglo-Indian Association community members. This quiet and peaceful settlement community then underwent a complete transformation with the advent of IT/ITeS industries in the early 90s in the form of the International Tech Park Limited or ITPL. Needless to say, Whitefield became the first...

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5 Interior Design Trends to adopt for your luxury villa in Bangalore

Decorating a villa in Bangalore can be quite a challenge. If done well, the rewards are there for you to show off and be the talk of the town. Contemporary, classic, minimalistic, modern, bohemian - whichever route you take, the enormous space inside a luxury villa has the potential to explore your creativity. Given Bangalore real estates’ penchant for Villas, how can we bring the “WOW” factor to our luxurious abode? Before we start decorating,...

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Buying a villa in Bangalore? Make sure it has a luxury bathroom with these 5 features

Let’s do an impromptu survey right away. If we mention luxury villas, how many of us can imagine one without luxurious bathrooms? The answer, probably, is none. An expensive and decadent bathroom perhaps goes hand in hand with even the thought of luxury villas in Bangalore. Starting from the most exquisite design to branded fixtures – a luxury bathroom today is kind of a necessity. While you try to find the villa of your dreams...

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How would your day look like in one of the best villas in Whitefield, Bangalore?

We all strive towards a perfect life, where each day brings new joys and is even more memorable than the last. A perfect, idyllic home can bring us one step closer to this dream of a perfect life, where every day feels like it’s out of magical storybook. There is a reason why Raffles Park is touted as one of the best villas in Whitefield, Bangalore. These villas are not only the epitome of luxury,...

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Independent Villas in Whitefield

5 Reasons why Villas in Whitefield are more impressive than anywhere else in Bangalore

Before getting into the reasons, here’s a small background for you. A simple Google search on Whitefield will open your eyes to the thriving real estate market of Whitefield. How did this small-sleepy-village turned modern-micro-town become a raging real-estate hotspot of Bangalore? There are a good number of reasons. First and the foremost, it is the IT sector that catapulted the fortunes of Whitefield. This place has seen many IT, ITeS and Service Companies occupying...

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Why to choose Whitefield when you are looking for villas for sale in Bangalore?

A city like Bangalore is a dream come true for our generation of professional millennials. Other than the technological and innovative prowess of the city or the galore of career opportunities, Bangaloreans also enjoy a temperate and pleasant climate all-year round, which is highly envied by the residents of other metropolitans like Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. Therefore, it is not surprising to see numerous young professionals, especially in the IT industry, making a beeline for...

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Why are Raffles Park Luxury Villas in Bangalore the perfect blend between design and functionality?

True luxury is expressed through the perfect amalgamation of design and functionality. Both the aspects complement each other. Although they can create impressive impacts on their own, when combined they can give birth to something unique. The design crafted out of functionality and aesthetics is ultimately the definition of true luxury. At Raffles Park luxury villas in Bangalore, we believe in the perfect marriage of the two. Everything is designed combining both the aesthetic sense...

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Independent Villas in Bangalore – A True Experience of Comfort Living

Comfort can mean a variety of things for all of us. For some, it is all about feeling the warmth of the sun on their skin; for some others, nothing spells comfort more than snuggling up against the softest pillows for a night of well-deserved sleep. At Raffles Park independent villas in Bangalore, we believe in providing the ultimate in comfort, with something for everyone. Come, let’s take a look at how these uber-luxurious homes...

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Luxury Villas in Bangalore

Accommodation that suits your style – Luxury Villas in Bangalore

Your home is a reflection of your personality and style. From entrance to backyard, everything reflects you. Before buying a Luxury villa in Bangalore, ask yourself – Is your new home reflecting yourself? We can help you here. There are numerous factors to check whether the house reflects yourself or not; whether the house is an extension of your personality or not; whether it suits your style or not. However, these three major aspects can...

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Villas in Whitefield

Top 5 Benefits of buying Villas in Whitefield

Bangalore is a home away from home for so many people who come to the city for various reasons, with employment, education or retirement purposestopping the list. This city has a tendency to welcome new residents with open arms and pamper the ones who are already lucky to call it home. There are so many reasons for the enduring aura of the city, but the biggest appeal probably would be the quality of its neighbourhood....

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