Independent Villas in Bangalore – A True Experience of Comfort Living

February 23, 2018

Villas in Bangalore

Comfort can mean a variety of things for all of us. For some, it is all about feeling the warmth of the sun on their skin; for some others, nothing spells comfort more than snuggling up against the softest pillows for a night of well-deserved sleep. At Raffles Park independent villas in Bangalore, we believe in providing the ultimate in comfort, with something for everyone. Come, let’s take a look at how these uber-luxurious homes are tailor-made to be your comfort haven.

Wide Open Spaces – Unobstructed Comfort

At Raffles Park independent villas in Bangalore, you can almost feel the luxury flowing through the open floor concept. The design of these grand villas strictly follows a no-column plan, with focus on establishing a steady flow from the living area, kitchen and the dining room. This open concept enables you to have clear sight lines all across the space along with opening up the ground floor to unobstructed grandeur.

Lush Green Surroundings – Nature’s Comfort

Thanks to the lush green neighbourhood, these luxurious villas in Whitefield are surrounded by the gift of flora and fauna that truly reaffirms the epithet “The Garden City” for Bangalore. The vibrant greenery of Whitefield has found its way in to the Raffles Park premises as well, with well-manicured lawns, abundant gardens and majestic trees that provide ample shade and the kind of comfort that one can only get in the lap of nature.

Abundant water bodies – Cool Comfort

Summers in our country can get pretty sweltering. With the sun coming down stronger and stronger, a spontaneous dip in the water can help us cool off instantly. At Raffles Park villas in Whitefield, there are six different types of villas, all surrounded by a number of water bodies. Not only do these water bodies cool down the temperature of the villas, but they also lend a wonderful floating effect to the living and dining areas.

Extensive wooden patios – Warm comfort

All these gorgeous independent villas in Bangalore are decked with extensive wooden patios, perfect for our residents who love relaxing in their balcony with a cup of steaming coffee and watch the sun spread its golden rays. These patios are also ideal for family get-togethers, especially on warm summer evenings, when they welcome in gusts of much needed cool air. These patios not only add an element of romance to your daily life, but also provide you with another layer of comfort at these gorgeous Raffles Park villas in Whitefield.

Superior location – The ease of comforts

Raffles Park villas are located in one of the most upcoming neighbourhoods of the city. These villas in Whitefield enjoy the benefits of being a part of a youthful and cosmopolitan part of Bangalore. With their strategic location, Raffles Park villas answer all questions relating to connectivity. Entertainment spots like restaurants and pubs, malls, theatres and shopping centres are just a short drive away. Easy connectivity to the neighbouring IT parks also helps young professionals in their daily commute to and back from work. Local amenities like hospitals, good schools, temples and other institutions of any relevance are also within an easy reach, making life in Raffles Park uber-comfortable.

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