How to create a gourmet kitchen in your luxury villa in Bangalore?

May 16, 2018

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They say that the heart of a home is the kitchen. A warm and inviting kitchen with aromatic fragrances wafting out is a big part of our childhood nostalgia. As kids, we remember crowding into the tiny kitchen, trying to grab a morsel of mom’s magical cooking and then getting shooed out of there. Kitchen designs and plans have come a long way. Some of the best villas in Bangalore today boast of already having luxurious kitchen of the gourmet quality. On the other hand, many of these luxury villas in Bangalore for sale allow you to custom-create the kitchen of your dreams. Whether readymade or made-to-order, following are some of the luxury features that are must-haves in a gourmet kitchen.

1. Open concept kitchen & dining area

Having a closed kitchen is quite limiting for the person in charge of the cooking as they are quite removed from the rest of the family space. A truly contemporary and luxurious home of today needs a gourmet style kitchen, where the kitchen and the dining area aren’t separated by any walls. This keeps the conversations flowing. It creates a much less-constricting flow in the workspace, thus letting the chef move around unobstructed.

2. Kitchen Island cum breakfast bar

Multi-functional elements highlight the luxury factor in a gourmet kitchen. A massive kitchen island made of gorgeous Calacatta or Carrera marble is necessary to carry out meal preps and can be seen in most contemporary kitchens nowadays. However, a kitchen island that can also double up as a breakfast bar with some stylish bar stools is a unique concept.
You can also add to the value of your kitchen island by installing your cooktop and an additional sink directly onto its surface. In fact, many chefs prefer having the cooktop on the island and facing guests while cooking since it adheres to good Feng Shui principles.

3. High-end Refrigeration system

French-door style refrigerators which are inbuilt into the cabinet system allows your kitchen to be high on functionality, without disrupting the aesthetics. Depending on your requirements, you can have separate refrigeration and freezing units. This works better in larger sized kitchens. In the case of a smaller, cosier space, it’s better to opt for a refrigeration system with freezer drawers on the bottom, for more convenience.

4. Stain-resistant countertops

The kitchen countertops are where most of the action takes place. This is where we chop the vegetables, clean and cut the meat, wash and strain out our collard greens and mix our batter. The countertops bear the brunt of the cooking prep, and naturally they get dirty. A truly luxurious gourmet kitchen should be able to look spick and span even after use. Using stain resistant materials on your countertops, like high quality granite or marble, ensures easy cleaning that leaves you with a spotless kitchen at all times.

5. Professional-grade cooktop and appliances

A gourmet kitchen is incomplete without professional grade gas cooking range, preferably with a six-burner cooktop, which is necessary to prepare multiple dishes at once without compromising on the time. The other cooking appliance that should be a strong feature in your gourmet kitchen is a double oven, with at least one of them being a convection oven in order to ensure thorough cooking, along with all energy-efficient appliances.

6. Custom-made storage options

A functional kitchen needs ample storage to prevent it from looking too cluttered. And what says “gourmet kitchen” more than custom wood cabinetry in dark colours to give your kitchen character. Be it raised panel or shaker style cabinet doors, these designer storage options elevate your kitchen’s aesthetic and functionality.

7. Well-lit space

A poorly-lit kitchen not only looks dark and gloomy, but it also lowers the efficiency of the cook. Make sure that your kitchen stays properly lit and glamorously bright with the help of under-cabinet lights, pendant lights and ceiling-mounted lighting. Having wide open French doors and windows that let in plenty of natural light into your dining and living space can also do wonders for brightening up your kitchen during the day.

Ensuring that your kitchen is of high standards and quality will only set the tone for rest of your house. Finding the right luxury kitchen will ultimately lead you to finding the best villa in whitefield that you can truly call your home.

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