Give your Luxury Home in Bangalore a Warm Winter Makeover

January 3, 2019

As the year comes to a close and the temperature outside starts dropping, we start pulling out our warm winter clothes. It’s the season to don cosy jackets and pretty scarfs. However, your personal wardrobe is not the only thing that demands a winter makeover. When it comes to decking up for the new season, don’t let your house fall behind.
Living in one of the luxury villas in East Bangalore is quite aspirational, however this part of the city does tend to experience winter more because of its abundant greenery and cleaner air. The perfect winter makeover is how you can get your home all cosy and comfortable and become THE abode of bliss. How to do that? Let’s find out.

1. Change the Colour Pallet

Introduce the perfect colours of the season to create a cosier and winter-esque charm in your luxury villa project in Bangalore. As the weather gets colder outside, it’s up to you to give your home a warmer feel. Paint the walls in warmer colours like yellow or a cream and complement them with accents of red and green, just for a touch of the Christmas effect.
You can also stick to a more neutral pallet in your walls and add warmer shades of dark red with some rustic, wooden elements to create the dream interiors for idyllic winter days spent in the warm embrace of your home.

2. Add Layers of Textures

Winter means layering up with fuzzy fabrics to keep you warm and cosy. Dressing your home up for the season is not so different from dressing yourself up for the nip in the air. Ample throws, blankets, rugs and cushions of varying textures can all contribute to creating a delightfully soothing effect on your home. Opt for wool, faux fur, jute, velvets and cottons to help you conjure the winter charm within your villa in Whitefield, Bangalore.
Plushing up your couch or sofas with multiple faux fur cushions, casually draping woollen throws over your chairs, laying out fluffy carpets – all help in creating an inviting atmosphere in your home, which is perfect for curling up with a book or a soothing cup of hot chocolate.

3. Warm it up with Mood Lighting

As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, it is essential to maintain a warm glow in the shelter of your home. As important as it is to invest in bright lamps and decorative chandeliers for your main living spaces, it is also equally vital to turn the spotlight on some of the more neglected darker corners of your home.
Stringing up bright fairy lights or small decorative light pieces in these corners, adding solo furniture pieces like a cosy armchair or an ottoman can create a delightful reading nook and make your home a welcoming wonderland this winter.

4. Use Heavy Draping on your Windows

As the chilly north wind starts blowing stronger and colder, it becomes essential to keep the warmth of the house intact. However, keeping your doors and windows shut at all times might create a claustrophobic and static environment, even in one of the best villas in Bangalore. The solution is heavy window and door drapery. Opt for thicker fabrics for your curtains, like velvet and heavy silk and adorn all the openings in your home to enhance the cosiness factor this winter.
Multiple curtains are the best option for those who like having oodles of light pouring into their home. You can add a sheer curtain under the heavier ones in order to switch it up a bit. On the slightly warmer winter afternoons, all you have to do is pull the heavy drapes back and let in some of that soft, winter sunshine filter through into your luxury home in Bangalore.

5. Winter-themed Décor Pieces

Now that we are done with the major design features that can get your home winter-ready, let’s turn our attention more towards the smaller pieces. Adding little winter-themed bits and bobs around your home can really lock in that dreamy feel that we all love so much about this season.
Have a few photographs of your family from your last vacation in the mountains? Frame them up and hang them up all together to create a winter-themed feature wall. Have few tree ornaments left over from Christmas? Place them tastefully on the mantelpiece or on your showcase to keep the yuletide spirit going. You can also break out all the thick, hardbound books that you have lying around and arrange it casually on your bookcase, to encapsulate the lazy charm of this season.

Try out all the above ideas to create your own winter wonderland in your dream home in Bangalore and let your home stand out from the rest.

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