Buying a villa in Bangalore? Make sure it has a luxury bathroom with these 5 features

April 17, 2018

Let’s do an impromptu survey right away. If we mention luxury villas, how many of us can imagine one without luxurious bathrooms? The answer, probably, is none. An expensive and decadent bathroom perhaps goes hand in hand with even the thought of luxury villas in Bangalore. Starting from the most exquisite design to branded fixtures – a luxury bathroom today is kind of a necessity.

While you try to find the villa of your dreams in Bangalore, we decided to present you with fabulous luxury bathroom features you would need to look out for. Voila! Here we go!

The luxury centrepiece of your bathroom – a Free Standing Bathtub

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Nothing spells luxury more than a gorgeous free standing tub in your bathroom. A large bathtub, where you can soak yourself at the end of the day and let all the stress get massaged away gently by the effervescent bath salts – that is the epitome of a luxury bathroom.

Start your day rejuvenated at the Deluxe Washbasin

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Pretty much every villa has a washbasin in the bathroom. But an infallible way of distinguishing a luxury villa in Bangalore from the rest is by checking the size of the washbasin and its counter. A luxury bathroom always houses a sizeable washbasin, with plenty of counter space to accommodate toiletries and other bathroom essentials. This corner should also be adorned by a large clear mirror which serves the dual purpose of being a decorative as well as a functional item.

The quickest way to get refreshed – The rain shower head in a two-person shower stall

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According to a survey conducted by, Rain Shower Heads are the most popular luxury feature, showing up in almost 48% of all master bath projects. A two-person shower stall, on the other hand, were the 5th most popular luxury feature on the Houzz survey, factoring for almost 25% of all master bath projects. A luxury bathroom with both the rain shower head and the large shower stall does tick a lot of boxes.

Smooth functionality and impeccable design – Branded Fixtures

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When it comes to the bathroom fixtures like faucets and sanitaryware, the importance of branded products cannot be emphasized enough. Brands like Gessi, Laufen, Grohe, Kohler and other popular brands are known for their quality of product, exclusivity and extremely flawless designs. A bathroom that doesn’t drop a few of these names misses out the “luxury” title.

Elevated glamour – Exquisite marble flooring

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Luxury can be spelled out in every inch of a surface, even on the very ground that you walk on. A truly luxurious villa will take note of the tiniest elements and ensure that you’re provided with a complete experience, that starts the moment you walk into a space, even your bathroom. Exquisite marble or granite floorings are a must-have for luxury bathrooms in villa projects in Bangalore. To add to their value, anti-skid floorings are a necessary safety feature for luxury bathrooms. It’s even more impressive if the claddings go all the way up the walls and to the ceiling in the shower area, giving it a very gilded and polished charm.

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