Advantages of Buying a Villa in Bangalore Instead of an Apartment

May 8, 2018

buying a Villa in Bangalore

Independent villas and apartment units have their fair share of benefits and setbacks. Before buying a property, you may have to weigh the pros and cons and decide what suits you the most. The process could be tricky and overwhelming. However if you are leaning more towards buying a Villa in Bangalore, we have listed just a few of the many advantages that come with buying a luxury villa in Bangalore, to help you make the final decision.

A Sense of Freedom

Most apartments don’t offer you a sense of freedom. There are intrusive neighbours, tightly packed spaces and other disadvantages. When it comes to having complete privacy, total freedom and a lifestyle of your choice, a Villa is the clear winner. The kind of music you enjoy, the kind of gatherings and parties you organize, the kind of food and beverages that you like to indulge in – you have the full freedom and space to do that in a villa, without worrying about disturbing your neighbours. In gated community villas like Raffles Park, there are only 4 Villas to an acre, one of the lowest density project in India, which gives our residents unlimited room to be comfortable in their homes.

Choice of Customization

What is better than crafting your home the way you like? Villas give you the choice to customize your home from floor to ceiling, just the way you want.
You can the change the entire theme or aesthetic of your villa based on the season or the latest trends in interior design. Whether you want to utilize your personal outdoor space for gardening, playing with your pets or meditating and practising yoga – you have the full freedom to personalize it the way you want. Unlike in an apartment, you can modify both the indoor and the outdoor space to make it truly your own home.

Privilege of Privacy

Privacy is of utmost importance in our lifestyle. Living in a villa gives you the choice of being secluded, at the same time being connected to the outside world as per your wishes. At the same time, you can walk back to your Villa, and still disconnect from the outer world. Apartments, within a complex or standalone, cannot provide this privilege.

The Element of Safety

Because of their exclusive design, gated community villas in Bangalore, especially the ones undertaken by responsible developers provide the highest safety and security factor, that apartment complexes just cannot provide. CCTV coverage and constant surveillance around each and every unit assures the residents of a perfectly safe living environment for themselves and their families.

The Benefit of the Location

The real challenge with buying the home of your dreams is its location. Gated community villas in Bangalore are generally located strategically in the city. They are removed from the chaotic city centre, yet enjoy the easy connectivity to key areas in the city. This gives them the location advantage over apartments, that are generally situated right in the middle of all hyper-chaotic urban noise and activity.

Best Choice:

Gated community villas are more refined to suit the very specific needs of homeowners who value their own space and privacy, along with the benefits of the local as well property amenities.

Raffles Park Villas in Whitefield are a highly sought after gated community property of Bangalore, because of its clubhouse, proximity to key locations such as international schools, colleges & hospitals, well-trained & dedicated ground staff, and world-class amenities & specifications.
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