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February 23, 2018

Luxury Villas in Bangalore

Your home is a reflection of your personality and style. From entrance to backyard, everything reflects you.

Before buying a Luxury villa in Bangalore, ask yourself – Is your new home reflecting yourself?

We can help you here. There are numerous factors to check whether the house reflects yourself or not; whether the house is an extension of your personality or not; whether it suits your style or not. However, these three major aspects can ensure that your new home in Bangalore is just what you dreamt of, reflecting yourself while proclaiming your unique identity.

Façade – the Front View

As the famous saying goes, ‘face is the index of the mind’, façade is the first impression of your home and it needs to represent you and your style.

Your attitude can be represented by the selection of textures and stones; eliteness by the position of architrave and cornice; elegance by the choice of colour and carport. The gate and the garden exemplify the aesthetic sense in you, while the pillars and doors determine whether you are contemporary or classic.

In toto, the façade of your home stands as a metaphor for yourself. Just at the entrance itself, you should stamp a ‘wow’ feeling for others and take pride in doing so.


One’s inner beauty can be demonstrated through one’s home décor. The interior design has to match with the entire house, as every element constitutes to a single theme. No theme or multi-theme based houses fall short, when visitors or residents try to connect with the house.

The artistic interior presents an aura of creativity and free-spirit. The best abode is the one where the interior décor truly depicts your creative self.


You have the best façade and the best décor. Now what else you need to check?

The neighbourhood! When you invite guests to your home, they must be astounded, seeing your neighbourhood and the environment you live. What if every house in the neighbourhood is unique its own way? What if every house adds value to the environment? Safety, space and specifications are bonus and must be taken into consideration.

Your home must portray your class, your style and your personality. So does your neighbourhood. So not only you should choose the best house, but also you should ensure whether it offers a great neighbourhood.

Our Recommendation:

There is only one location, one community and one property in Bangalore, which gives you all the comfort and luxury you need: Raffles Park, Whitefield.

The flawless façade, the intricately designed décor and the picturesque neighbourhood make Raffles Park the best accommodation that suits your style.

The villas at this condominium are ingeniously designed with courtyards and water bodies and offer an abundance of light and freshness within the home, bringing alive an experience of truly living within nature. With just 4 villas per acre, Raffles Park presents a unique experience of a world that is open, yet private. Let your sweet home hold a piece of yourself.

We shape our homes and then our homes shape us!’ says Winston Churchill. That’s what exactly we do at Raffles Park. Incarnate the optimist-in-you at every corner of your home.

We don’t build houses; we build positivity around, which thousands of elite people, like you, call it their home.

Know more about Raffles Park villas for sale in Bangalore, as it suits your style in the best way possible.

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