5 Reasons why Villas in Whitefield are more impressive than anywhere else in Bangalore

March 27, 2018

Independent Villas in Whitefield

Before getting into the reasons, here’s a small background for you. A simple Google search on Whitefield will open your eyes to the thriving real estate market of Whitefield. How did this small-sleepy-village turned modern-micro-town become a raging real-estate hotspot of Bangalore? There are a good number of reasons.

First and the foremost, it is the IT sector that catapulted the fortunes of Whitefield. This place has seen many IT, ITeS and Service Companies occupying the landscape,over the last two decades. This burgeoning industry is responsible for attracting talented young professionals from all over India and even foreign countries, to stay here temporarily or permanently. In this process, the small town is now full of next gen cosmo-workforce, adding to its global appeal. Gradually, high end malls, shopping outlets, eat outs, hospitals, international schools and every other modern necessities got established and changed the skyline of Whitefield forever.

The proximity to the main city of Bangalore, pleasant climate, and infrastructure and transportation facilities also contributed their share to make the region a real investment hot spot.

Now to answer our topic “5 Reasons why Villas in Whitefield are more impressive than anywhere else in Bangalore”, here‘s our stake:

Residents: The region is identified by its inhabitants. The cream of Bangalore’s population, comprising people from all over the country and across the world,call this locality their home. This ensures high purchasing power of the buyers in this belt, which is why you are bound to see Independent Villas in Whitefield that are more impressive anywhere else.

Locale: Unlike many other developed areas of Bangalore, Whitefield has still not lost its green cover. One may find that the surrounding lush greenery gives the region an even more breathtaking setting. Why wouldn’t a Villa built in this area be impressive!

Builders’ Market: It is obvious that many reputed builders have made their mark in this locality,offering some unbelievable international-standard projects that include luxurious villas, row houses, classy apartments and gated communities in Whitefield. There is no doubt that one would see the high end projects and ultra-luxurious Villas in the many posh places of Whitefield. A prospective homebuyer is spoilt for choice in the real estate market of Whitefield.

Best of both worlds: The beauty of luxury villas is that it offers the best of both worlds. The privacy of living in an independent house along with the security and spirit of a housing community is what makes Villas stand out. Now, luxurious villas in Whitefield offers exactly this and much more as they cater to a community comprising NRI, Expatriates, HNIS and other upper class society members. Given such a niche profile, one would only see grandeur, high end quality, and pure luxury in these Villas compared to anywhere else in Bangalore.

Return of Investment: Investing in real estate, especially in Villas in Bangalore, Whitefield is a wiser choice as the region has witnessed tremendous growth over the years. The demand for these luxurious abodes have remained stable irrespective of the many ups and downs in the market. That is why the real estate market in this neighborhood will continue to witness positive appreciation in the near future as well. Therefore, many buyers consider Villas in Whitefield for their personal dwelling, as well as an investment option. Builders have no option but to make these ready-to move in villas in Whitefield as impressive as possible.

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