5 Must-have Elements for a Master Bedroom in your Luxury Villa

November 29, 2018

The recent years have seen an increase in demand for villas for sale in Whitefield, especially in the market of family oriented properties. The multi-level living, the sprawling space, the private balconies – these are just some of the few features that endear villas to buyers, who are looking for the perfect family home. In fact, with villas in the luxury market segment, you can expect even more features and higher qualities.
The master bedroom, for example, isn’t just any other room. It needs to have 5 essential elements to live up to the bar set high by your luxury villa.
So let’s talk about some must-have elements that we seek in the Master Bedroom in every luxury villa.

1. The Gift of Privacy

Living in a luxury villa in Bangalore, you would be sure to enjoy a certain level of privacy, even inside the house. But when it comes to your master bedroom, it should reflect your version of a personal zen, away from the other activities happening in the house. Your master bedroom is your own private space where you get to unwind and recharge, without any other stimulus breaking through the calm.
At Raffles Park luxury villas near Whitefield, we ensure that the master bedroom is equipped with all the qualities to be the perfect private retreat, where you can retire at the end of the day to rejuvenate in luxury.

2. Décor Fit for a King

When it comes to luxury décor, your master bedroom demands only the best. While decorating this room in your luxury villa project in Bangalore, emphasize on creating separate sleeping and sitting zones in your bedroom and tie them all together with a common aesthetic thread in terms of décor.
A king-sized bed and luxurious linens, in the backdrop of an impactful feature wall should clearly demarcate the sleeping zone. Whereas, placing a small coffee table and a couple of trendy chairs in a corner can create a small sitting area for coffee and conversation.
At Raffles Park, the master bedroom can easily accommodate your multi-zoned décor and can support any aesthetic. Its clean, modern design is the perfect base for you to create that perfect master bedroom, worthy of royalty.

3. Walk-in Closet

Every master bedroom needs an attached walk-in closet that truly reflects the level of style that you need in your luxury villa. Enough closet space for hanging and storing your clothes and accessories are a must for the walk-in closet. Life-sized mirrors and enough room to try out your outfits in detail are bonus points that will elevate it to another level.
At Raffles Park villa, the master bedroom is equipped with the closet of your dreams. It’s spacious, it’s elegant, it’s functional and it is just waiting to house the most exquisite of wardrobes and collections.

4. Attached Master Bath

What is a master bedroom devoid of an attached master bath! The ideal master bath should come equipped with the most high-end features, all tied together through a common aesthetic. Clean décor with simple modern elements create a functional yet elegant master bathroom. A free-standing bathtub, spacious shower stall with rain-shower head, a deluxe washbasin and high quality ceramics – these are the essential elements of creating the perfect master bathroom for your luxury home.
The Raffles Park master bedrooms all have attached master bathrooms, which are perfect for getting refreshed early in the morning before starting your day or for rejuvenating at the end of a long day

5. Well Lit & Views for Days

A brightly lit room has all the power to start your day off with the most positive vibes. This is the final must-have element to cross off of our list for a luxurious master bedroom. Large floor-to-ceiling windows that spread across a couple of walls can flood your master bedroom with light and fresh air. Another cool feature is to have a French window that opens up to an outdoor patio space, where you can enjoy your morning coffee.

At Raffles Park luxury villas in Bangalore, we have focused on creating the perfect balance with open spaces, glass features and plenty of outdoor areas that ensure that your master bedroom is always brightly lit and full of a fresh, natural energy.

In the current property market in Bangalore, there are plenty of villas for sale in Whitefield. Raffles Park luxury villas stands out in this crowd as it offers you a standard of living that is unmatched, and that too against the lush backdrop of Bangalore’s greenest spot. For all homebuyers who are really hoping to revel in a glorious master bedroom in their dream home, Raffles Park is where you can get that.

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