5 Interior Design Trends to adopt for your luxury villa in Bangalore

April 25, 2018

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Decorating a villa in Bangalore can be quite a challenge. If done well, the rewards are there for you to show off and be the talk of the town. Contemporary, classic, minimalistic, modern, bohemian – whichever route you take, the enormous space inside a luxury villa has the potential to explore your creativity.
Given Bangalore real estates’ penchant for Villas, how can we bring the “WOW” factor to our luxurious abode?
Before we start decorating, we need to pick our home from all luxury villas in Bangalore. The idea is to select a property which not only has good location and luxury amenities, but is also easily customizable. Luckily, Raffles Park luxury villas in Whitefield fulfil all of these criteria.
The whole idea behind renovating or decorating your home is to personalize it and make it your own. Keep on reading to get some innovative ideas that will help you make your Raffles Park home your private mansion.

Make room for plants – big way

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Though indoor plants always found their way inside a Villa, but the strategic location, choice of plants and the backgroundhues gets redefined this season. Bring the outdoor green indoor and make room for your plants. Besides having ample health and environmental benefits, the green gives your Villa a modern, chic and fresh look.

Bold Colours

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Neutral colors are slowly taking the backstage. Bright bold hues of Purple, Green, Red and Blueare here and how!
Whether splashed on the wall oras apart of the accessories like rugs, throw pillows or even color coordinated statement furniture, live it this season by going bold!

Statement Doors

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A well decked façade lets out the true personality of your home. Jazz up the entrance to your home with a statement-making door that wows everyone from the minute they step inside.
Wood, Metal or Glass – choose the material that goes with your Villa’s overall setup, add a dash of vibrant color, and accessorize with door mats, lanterns, custom knobs etc. Remember, the bigger the dimension,the better the output.

Unconventional Designs

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Step out of the conventional décor styles with some unique, statement-pieces.The latest buzz word in design is‘freedom’. Think out of box, go unconventional, after all it’s your home and your call.
How about this unique showcase design that also works as a decorative feature piece for your home? How refreshingly original!

When searching for your dream home among the gamut of villas for sale in Bangalore, don’t forget to look out for one that you will be able to personalize using the above or any other décor elements. At the end of the day, your dream home needs to reflect your personality.

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